Yacht Tours Gulf Papagayo

This boat is the largest in our website and do charters; as: Sunset, snorkeling, special tours. Very comfortable with Swimming pool, jacuzzi, movie theater, 4 doble rooms and more. We can pick you up from every place in the area of Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste, it is 105ft, with capacity for 21 people.

About food. You can bring anything you want to consume, and the crew will prepares and serves it. Or if you want all-inclusive service, it’s $45 per person for grilled meats, sausages, snacks, sodas, beers, rum, and mixers.

Overnight Tour, 24 hrs: $11,500. 12 people.
Full-day, 8 hrs: $7,500. 21 people.
Half-day, 4hrs: $5,500
21 people.

This is an exclusive boat for you! With capacity for 21 people.

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