Papagayo INSHORE rooster fishing

Enjoy Inshore Sport fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo for roosterfish with an average size of 60 pounds, with some specimens reaching up to 90 pounds.
The shallow water habitat with no more than 90 feet, provides food and security for the mass reproduction of this species of fish, with a rocky and sandy bottom of beaches along the Pacific coast in Guanacaste , which allows access to small boats for proper catch and safely as inshore fishing.
Roosterfish are robust and put up a good fight lasting up to 45 minutes depending on their size, it is not considered an edible species, catch and release is recommended for all anglers, and be sure to keep them for future times.

TYPE OF fishing inshore

There are also more types of fish that can be found in the Gulf of Papagayo that can be considered as Inshore Fishing like; Yellowfin tunas, pampano, mahimahi, kubera snapper, skipjack, mackerel, and many others, using different techniques such as trolling, jigging, baitcasting, spinning rod, and bottom fishing.

Specifically, this trolling technique for rooster fishing in shallow water, is done with “Bonita live baitfish” or blue runner. Light tackle as the Spinning rod is a good option while the crew is in search of the rooster and trying and get your own fish.

Fishing for Yellowfin tuna in the Gulf Papagayo
Fishing for Roosterfish in the Gulf Papagayo
Light tackle fishing in the Gulf Papagayo
Roosterfish, Gulf Papagayo

Also, we do afternoon Inshore fishing charters, we can pick you up at your hotel beach at 1:00 pm, or, earlier if it is possible. We do trolling for mahi-mahi, yellow fin tuna and rooster fish, too, we train in bottom fishing jigging to catch red snapper and Cubera snapper.

You might also bring your own fishing tackle as well!

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