The province of Guanacaste is a predominantly dry tropical region in Costa Rica that presents diverses climates from very dry to humid, with two seasons in the year: Winter season and Summer season.

Winter season, with optimal conditions for Deep Sea And Inshore Fishing that extends from May to late December, in these months the conditions can be rainy some days and also sunny, but tipically good conditions specifically for the fishing in general.

Summer season, for the rest of the year, which in its majority is sunny period in the region of the North Pacific Coast in Guanacaste that comes from January to late April, this region is affected for the cold front that comes down from North America, these conditions in the ocean provide cold water with plancton for the food chain. The Offshore and inshore fishing activity can be affected depending on the type of fishing that you want to do on the day. Is important to know that Windy season in Guanacaste is not the all months, but some days will be windy and another will be with good conditions for deep sea and inshore fishing in Guanacaste.

Guanacaste Rainy Season for fishing

Sport Fishing in the Guanacaste region also does not go unnoticed with these climatic changes, since the rains allow to obtain excellent fishing conditions; the sightings and presence of small dorados in the plains in the Gulf of Papagayo in the months of June and July, are good news about good fishing during the next months; fish such as Sailfish and marlin arrive from deep waters to shallow, about 30 feet in search for food, due to spawning of the mahimahi this fishing activity extends almost the all year with good size of mahi-mahi.

On the other hand, we have the Inshore Roosterfishing that is throughout the year, which by the way, the roosterfish is very territorial; this specie is kept in large groups for their own protection when they are not yet adults, as they grow, they move away from the big schools and swim in lonely on all the shores of the Guanacaste Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

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