Gulf Papagayo Spearfishing

Spearfishing divers are also welcome at Papagayo Fishing.

Spear Fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo is an activity that is sustained if we do it in the best way, our captains are trained to guide divers to the points of recommendation and possibilities of catching out their objective.

Spearfishing is the all year round, sometimes the conditions are not the best due to the typical winds of summer change the water to very cloudy and cold, the best conditions for freediving is in the winter time, that goes from May until Nov.

Spear fishing Guanacaste, Gulf Papagayo
Spear fishing Guanacaste, Gulf Papagayo
Spear fishing tour, Gulf Papagayo
Spear fishing Guanacaste, Gulf Papagayo

Spear fishing in Guanacaste

Spear fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo; This technique is very relevant in the area for recreational and sporting purposes and in a responsible way, it is carried out in deep and flat waters, taking into account that specifically the Roosterfish at the Gulf Papagayo is no longer allowed to be captured with a speargun because it is a protected species, the Fishing possibility for something large will go according to your diving skills as there are fish that are found in deep water, over 60 feet, some territorial species such as cubera snapper, red snapper, and amberjack, are species of great interest to catch, without neglecting other non-territorial species such as dorado and yellowfin tuna, which are for highly qualified divers since these specimens are more elusive, and are fished on the surface of the Gulf of Papagayo.

About some conditions

IMPORTANT: Spear fishing is an activity that must be taken responsibly in terms of capturing fish and its use, which is why no minors under 18 years of age are allowed by our organization.
For this activity, it is highly recommended that the diver has experience of this practice, otherwise they will not be able to do it with us, our captains do not have knowledge of underwater fishing since it is a very exclusive and personal activity.

RENTING: We also rent the Diving equipment as: Speargun, buoysMask, fins, weights. The wetsuit is not possible to get here, you need to bring it, the Diving shops don’t rent it.

Spearfishing Gulf Papagayo.

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