The Community of Monteverde is a large area which was founded in 1951 by farmers who already lived in Monteverde at the time, with land conservation of 10000 thousands of hectares, it is an ecological destination, with a very small population, belonging to the ninth canton of Puntarenas, north-west of Costa Rica.

It possesses one of the largest cloud forests with an almost unique diversity of flora and fauna, the thick vegetation of the trees which are between 3 km, long that gets lost in the forest of clouds, that you can explore from the 8 different hanging bridges. Explore this habitat of over 20 individuals in the interior species of tropical butterflies and various types of hummingbirds, where you can find types of insects with unique features in the world with respect for their size, exotic bird watching and different attractions for the tourist, I request you can enjoy all day long.

What this tour includes

A/c transportation, bilingual guide, walk ways and suspension bridges, hummingbird garden, insect museum, butterfly garden and lunch.

What should we recommend to bring!

Jeans or shorts, long pants, t-shirt, hiking shoes or similar, raincoat, bug repellent, camera, binoculars., insect repellent.

This Tour duration would be around 12 hours until get back to your hotel. Contact us for more details of any tour.

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