The Palo Verde Tour is one of the most favorite due to its diversity of flora and fauna on its route. Its origins are derived from the same Tempisque river that is active throughout the year, This sanctuary, sandwiched between the towns of Philadelphia and Bolson, spans more than 45,000 acres of land that includes lagoons and small rivers adjacent to the main one. This tour is around 5 hours, with a boat tour for 2 hours watching and enjoying, in which you can see crocodiles, various types of birds since being a wetland, they are almost present Throughout the year, different types of monkeys, and many other diversities of animals that you will be able to appreciate in the company of the captain and bilingual guides on board.

What this tour includes

Bilingual guide, Transportation, riverboat tour, lunch, drinks, entrance into the park.

What should we recommend to bring!

Jeans or shorts, T-shirt, binoculars, sunscreen,vcamera, swimsuit, towel, insect repellent.

This Tour duration would be around 5 hours until get back to your hotel. Contact us for more details of any tour.

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